Siji Malayil Associates is one of the leading law firms based at Bengaluru in the State of Karnataka, India.

Firm founder Siji Malayil is a practicing advocate of High Court, Karnataka and has several years of legal experience in Criminal, Civil, Commercial, Corporate, Service, Employment and Family Laws. He along with his team has provided legal support and assistance to several Companies and Individuals in their civil, commercial, criminal, property, employment, labour, consumer laws, NRI laws and Arbitration. The firm with its head office at Bengaluru and Associate offices in prominent cities of India is recognized for its sound ethical practices.

We believe in the concept of early and expeditious & cost effective, disposal of all disputes. Thus, we encourage negotiations, discussions and mediations by using our good offices to resolve the disputes amicably and out of court without wasting time, energy and costs. Our past record in this regard convince us to use this process as the first option keeping in mind the best interest of the client. Above all, we value the confidentiality and privacy of all information provided by our clients. We have a comprehensive policy in place to ensure that such information is neither misused nor shared surreptitiously by anybody associated with us.